Self - Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Set Up

If you would like to manage your own super fund, instead of leaving it at the hand of fund manager, you may set up a SMSF to look after your own wealth.

How much does the self-managed superannuation fund set up package cost?

Individual trustee(s) -

Our fee is $550 (GST inclusive) along with tax advice in regards to the fund set up.

Additional charge apply if you wish to set up a bare trust for borrowing purpose.

Corporate trustee -

In addition to the fee quoted above, we will set up a company for you, and charge $180 (plus GST) mandatory ASIC lodgement fee that we will pay to ASIC on your behalf.

Please note that all the documents are in electronic format. If you require hard copy, we will arrange printing, binding and mail post them to you for an extra $55.00 per document package.

What documents are included in the package?

  • Legal documents

  • SMSF Deed

  • ATO compliance documents

How it works?

  1. We request the necessary information from you.

  2. If you/we are satisfied with all the information provided, you will need to make the full payment to us via Paypal, credit card or direct deposit.

  3. We submit the application form once we receive the payment.

  4. You will receive the legal documents in electronic format within 3 working days. TFN and ABN are to be received within the next few days if not generated from the ATO system immediately.

  5. You print and ask the appropriate people, including trustee(s), members to sign on the trust deed, declarations of consent and other documents. These documents are for you to keep with other records of your fund. As every fund is required to be audited, and the trust deed is a must-reviewed item in the audit list, we will also request the signed copy to be sent to our office.

What information do I need to supply to set up a self-managed superannuation fund and apply for ABN and TFN with ATO?

You will have to provide the following details:

  • the proposed fund name

  • the date the fund will be established

  • Trustee meetings detail including

    • who will attend the meeting to establish the fund and/or the fund's investment strategy

    • the venue, date and time that meeting will be held

  • trustee(s) and members details including name, date of birth, tax file number, address and occupation.

  • If the member nominate any beneficiary, then give:

    • Their beneficiaries' name, relationship to the member and proportion of benefit each beneficiary is to be received; and

    • Whether the member's death benefit nomination is to bind the trustee

  • if a trustee is a company, then give

    • its ACN or ABN

    • its authorised representative (and whether they are a Director or Secretary of the company)

    • the number of the directors of the company